Interpretation help, how to go about this situation?

In my year of visiting this particular dermatologist, I asked my deck about them for the first time today. I've been putting off visiting them and seriously contemplated cancelling my next appointment.

I drew these cards when asked should I continue seeing them and getting the treatment that I was getting.

7oC, 3oP, 3ofS + King of Pentacles flew out too so I chucked when I put 3oS and KoP together. Options and more options and definitely the financial insecurity was clear. 3oP though, I have my thoughts about it but I'd love your interpretation on it too.

I decided to do another card pull for is it even worth it for me to be visiting a doctor for this and got 5oC, 3ofW, 8oC and bottom of the deck wheel of fortune.

I think it's clear but I don't want my bias to get in the way. Any interpretation help here please? TIA!

ps, dermatology but not necessary a health issue – health readings are tricky but I see this card pull of more on how to go about this situation and not a health issue per se

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