Interpretation help please

Hi everyone im new here! Im fairly new to tarot.

I need help interrupting a past life spread please.

I used this deck: Tarot of Abyss by Ann Tourian

These are the questions,the cards I pulled and my general interpretation of the cards. Two extra popped out as well.

What kind of person/who was I in the past?

The tower reversed

Someone that was scared of change Worried about survival

Avoiding confrontation


What did I do and accomplish in my past life? The empress reversed Difficult pregnancy? Female??

Was controlled by feminine figure??

What challenges and obstacles did I face?

Nine of swords

Fear anxiety

Trauma? Had trouble conceiving in a past life ?

How did I die?

5 of cups

Mourning? Grief, ?

Broken heart?

Suicide ??

Did I die by someone else’s hand?

What lessons did I learn from my past life? Ace of pentacles

Potential Put in work Healthier habits? Try new things ?

Who did my life impact?

Ten of swords

Victims Stabbed in the back

Dramatic/violent lives Betrayal Loss Deep wounds

Extra cards

Page of swords reversed

Gossip Not speaking out

Young person

Vindictive Keeps information

Page of cups

Mature Beauty Royalty

Young/child/youthful Native

Water sign


Rich An accident/accident happened Arguments ??

Thank you in advance everyone!

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