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Hello r/tarot,

I'm looking for a second opinion on interpretations. The deck I am using is Rider Waite Smith, the artwork is done by Pamela Colman Smith. The deck was created by U.S Game Systems and the spread I am using is a 3 card pull. I am coming for an unbiased look at the cards since the situation I am reading about is one that I am invested in, I want to be accurate for myself (unbiased) and through discussing it here I think I will learn to be a better reader.

I am reading about a relationship situation where it went very south. We met and became friends quickly, I had romantic feelings- she was a very affectionate bubbly friend. Essentially she ended our friendship out of the blue, I was surprised because I felt like we were connected. She wanted to be "cordial" and keep my social media, however this turned into mixed interactions when I saw her, finally I questioned her a second time about feelings, she got mad and said she didn't want to be in contact anymore. This was April, essentially I've wanted her back in my life ever since, I don't know in what way- the only thing I've thought of to say is that I simply don't want to move on from this connection, I don't know what that looks like or means, but I've been curious to talk to her, to just have contact, to have the scar tissue heal over, I wish to start a new chapter in this.

My questions to the cards were:

What can I do to possibly get her back?

The World – This is usually a nice expansive card for me to get, but it also typically means completion of a situation.. Which isn't great news for me. I've guessed at it meaning the start of a new chapter?? Maybe there is a another level. When I first saw this card I usually saw it as full of possibility, but I didn't see it moving into one direction or another until other readers told me it meant completion.

Six of Cups – This one brings up the past, I would be in a very vulnerable position to say anything to her now, it gave me a sense of being loving, of honoring the fact that I'm not over it, It is the card to get if you want a past relationship to come back.. However it could also mean the past is in the past

Justice – Idk..

What are her feelings on the matter now? (Only two)

Tower Reversed – Fear and Inaction, a shattering of beliefs, maybe in retrospect she felt she was wrong, or she regrets the ultimate decision but it doesn't mean she has it in her to make an effort to reach out. When I looked it up I found an explanation that said change needed to happen- there is a connection but it can't go further until something changes, someone learns, or some narrative is dropped, the situation needs change, a second though on it from her end? The tower can be a catalyst moment, and all of this certainly was in my life.

Eight of Cups – Walking away from relationship, I gave it my best and now it's in fate's hands which has been my way of acceptance since it ended. I read a forum where someone reads it as the other passes up the opportunity to connect time and time again, but for once takes a chance on it.. instead of deserting it they take another chance. The nine of cups is next. There are cups still there to come back to.. One again, having a second thought on it maybe.

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