Interpretation Request – Relationship Aftermath, Murky Intuition

Hello, all. The brief story is that I was in a friendship/relationship for a couple years, and despite how much it made sense and looked like it was 'right', I managed to destroy it all with thirty seconds of being socially inept. I drew some cards to try and get an idea of what the long-term outcome would be, but my intuition's always been junk when it comes to my issues, though it (generally) works fine with helping others. So, I'll put the spread details and what bit of an idea I gleaned from it below, and if someone feels like throwing an opinion at the mess, I'd appreciate it.

Deck: Hanson-Roberts (pocket)

Spread Layout:

Me Her Us

Clarify Clarify


Me; VII Pentacles, reversed: I put in a lot of time and effort to try and build something, but the results aren't what I was planning for.

Her; IV Swords, reversed: I was trying too hard?

Us; X Pentacles, reversed: This seems to suggest there having been doubts about the stability of the relationship, maybe on both our parts.

Clarification of Me/Her; XI Justice, reversed: Despite my feelings on the matter, this may be the 'right outcome' for the long haul.

Clarification of Her/Us; III Swords: Heartbreak and emotional damage to both parties.

Conclusion; VII Swords, reversed: Don't become trapped by this, accept it and move forward.

My overview: I screwed up but good and there's no fixing it, so there's nothing left to do but accept the outcome and go back to being a hermit (okay, maybe not the hermit part).

Thanks for reading.

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