Interviewing my deck. Would love feedback!

photo of draw

  1. Tell me about yourself: Knight of Pentacles..I am dedicated and committed.

  2. Strengths as a deck: Six of Cups..I am kind and bring a sense of security & protection.

  3. Limits as a deck: Ten of Swords..I will show you pain and truth, whether you want to see it or not.

  4. What are you hear to teach me?: Seven of Pentacles..I will teach you to step back and look at bigger picture of your life while encouraging you to continue working hard.

  5. How can I best learn from You?: Queen of Wands…I will guide you on how to live your true self.

  • Queen of Wands is also my Significator*
  1. Potential outcome of our relations: King of Wands…I will guide you on how to lead yourself and others around you.

Your thoughts are welcome!

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