Is Don Quixote de la Mancha a good example of The Fool?

Quixote represents beginnings and transitions. He throws himself into the abyss of uncertainty chasing after a dream (Dulcinea) that gives his life meaning. He creates chaos wherever he goes. He is innocent, pure. In addition, there are many allusions to Apollo, the Sun god, a celestial body that is part of the symbolism of the Fool card. He makes everyone laugh. He is the protagonist of his own story, and he tells us that we are the children of our acts.

Interestingly, I began reading the book just at the time when I am making a significant transition in my life, which is moving out of my parents' house to start my PhD program in a different city. I did not realize this until after I was way ahead into the book and did some side research regarding interpretations of the story.

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