Is it ethically wrong to charge for tarot readings ?

So I've been doing readings for my friend and family members after they insisted I should use it for divination because it appears asthough I have clairvoyant abilities. I laughed at it at the beginning because I never believed in tarot before . But since I started it I do think it can be used to follow or understand oneself. My friends have insisted i shouldn't waste my "talent". I wasn't too sure wether strangers would even be interested. In Germany people don't really seem mystical like that. Anyway I have put an ad up just to see wether people would even response to it. And wishing twenty minutes two people have called me to ask for a reading. Now another friend said that it would be bad karma for me to offer readings in exchange for money.

Im not sure. I'm someone who is to empathetic to captilize of Someone greedily . I have helped people with legal advise even though now looking back I think I could have charged them abit especially the ungrateful ones who even received money just because of letters I wrote. My husband says " never do anything that you can do good for free" . But I don't want negative energies surrounding me from paid readings . What do you guys think?

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