Is it necessary to read long books about tarot to learn it properly?

Hi everyone,

I posted a question here just yesterday, and with more research I come with more questions.

So I am following some pdfs and YouTube videos I found in this subreddit to learn the basics and meanings of cards. I have also downloaded labyrhintos app, which seems just amazing for learning.
Now I see a lot of people recommending books and saying they should be read cover to cover. Will I gain enough knowledge to read cards if I use just short pdfs, tutorials, videos to learn, or is getting into books really necessary.
Note this, I love reading, but I rarely have time to dive into a book, and when I do I have issues with reading a book all the way through. I would definitely love to pick up one book to read slowly on the side and not as a primary source of studying.

Another question, how long should I focus on learning all the theory before I can start practicing reading?
And do you have any other useful tips you have for a begginer?

Thank you in advance,

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