Is it okay if I treat my tarot readings the same as my oracle readings?

Not sure if this will come off as a stupid question but I'll try to explain my worries as best I can. I started with oracle decks instead of tarot. After about six oracle decks, I'm buying my first tarot deck. I already use Cosma Visions Oracle so I am familiar with the tarot deck system. But one "beef" I have with tarot is it feels limiting (for lack of a better word since I'm having a brain fart) when described by other people. Most people will say use your intuition and then without looking at the card's depiction, spit out exact meanings. I know you can do that, of course, 10 of swords means an ending no matter the picture but since I'm familiar with oracle, I need to see the card for details. To see what pop offs of the card. Because if it's all the same, just with different pictures, then why would there be so many tarot decks? It also irks me when people say "combination of this card and this card means this in tarot" because they say it like it's a definite rule.

So back to my question, can I treat a tarot deck just like my oracle cards? Can I rely on their images just as I rely on the set meaning of the cards? Or do I have to learn new ropes and learn more of how tarot's structure works and its meaning inspite of the illustration on the cards?

Thank you for your help.

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