Is it possible to project fear onto your reading?

Hello everyone. I am not an experienced reader, still learning with each reading and don’t do them often, I try to take my readings very lightly.

Sometimes I get into periods of my life where I do readings a lot; and those are 99% of the time periods or moments of immense stress.

When I do readings for my friends however, I find them quite accurate (so do they) and I trust my judgement a lot more.

Coming back to my question; right now I am in a very nice relationship (3-4 months) He meets my needs in every way. Physical. Words of affirmation. Acts of service. He tells me he loves me at least 3 times a day. But we had our up and downs of course. And I do have a good amount of trust issues, but I try my best to not reflect onto him unless something triggers it.

I just asked my deck “how’s his loyalty towards me”. 3 cards. All of them signaled a sort of wandering around, and betrayal, clearly. I was like, DAMN. Am I in a self fulfilling prophecy? Now, this is very interesting to me. Because I choose to trust, and every act of him seems trustable. His acts and what the deck says don’t match. And I can’t tell if I asked this question out of gut feeling/intuition or just plain paranoia.

Got me thinking, is it possible that I am literally projecting fear onto my picks? I started getting jittery even before picking the cards. Or am I fooling myself? Would appreciate any of your insights about this.

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