Is it weird to give my sister a message I channeled from our dad for her birthday?

Last night I was writing my (F20s) sister’s (F30s) birthday card and felt strongly called to pull cards and channel a message from our dad to her to include in her card. He passed away when I was little and a few years ago when I started really tapping into my spiritual gifts, it came easily to connect with and contact him. I fell out of touch with it for a while and I’ve been brushing up on my skills again recently, slowly but surely, so I think that’s part of why I’m doubting myself so much. The other thing is that my sister isn’t very spiritual and is very practical in her way of thinking, she doesn’t always believe in signs or messages from those who have passed unless it’s really obvious (but even then she’s still skeptical).

Do you think it’s weird that I included our dad’s message in the card? Maybe I could let her know beforehand but it feels like it should be a surprise. I think it’s a beautiful message with some advice she might need to hear right now, I’m just worried I might make her uncomfortable if she doesn’t know about it beforehand. I know you shouldn’t pull cards for people without asking them first but it was such a strong feeling and I just couldn’t ignore it. I mean he would not leave me alone about it lmaooo. I wrote a little disclaimer on the envelope so she knows what’s in the card in case she’s opening presents in front of our whole family cause I don’t want to ambush her or anything. Is that enough do you think, or should I text her about it? The party is tonight. Id love any advice

Thank you!

EDIT: I texted her and asked if she was okay with this and she said yes and that it wouldn’t make her uncomfortable. Thank you for your advice 🙂

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