Is my anxiety messing with my readings?

Today I did a reading for myself because I’ve been having bad anxiety recently and overthinking. I guess I would say my reading was love centric. I asked my deck what I need to let go of from my past, and what was happening presently. For the past, I pulled nine of swords, which literally represents anxiety and fear and depression and nightmares. I pulled this completely randomly and literally felt ice in my veins when I pulled it because I have so much anxiety because of my past experiences. When I went to pull a present card I pulled three of swords. Obviously not the card I wanted to pull and I didn’t feel like it was meant for me because it’s so awful and I don’t see that coming for me. I put it back and shuffled again and then I got the magician REVERSE. I was so taken aback I didn’t even ask my deck about my future. Could the fact that I’m so anxious and negative be impacting my reading therefore causing me to pull negative cards?

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