Is my interpretation correct or not? Thank you

This is my first tarot setting and reading. I have set four tarot card totally to ask for problem, and suggestion of my love relationship.

  1. Problem: upward two of pentacles;
  2. Barriers/weakness: downward nine of sword;
  3. Solution/suggestion: upward The World;
  4. Resources/goodness: upward page of Wands.

Thus, my explanation is that, (1)my spouse is considering and doubtful about the relationship as she has a choice to choose another partner at the moment. She may find another better man. (2) Therefore, the relationship become questionable and not sincere. (3) I may try to move on and start a new relationship, and find a more sincere relationship. (4) I have a courage and passion to develop a relationship, interest and learn something new. I can try to improve myself

Is it correct? thank you!

In fact, she breaks up with me, I just want to figure out and find the solution.

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