Is right now the right time to take a break from my zookeeping career?

Should I take a break from my zookeeping career right now?

Hello! I’m using the light seers deck by Chris Anne and I pulled cards for a few questions about taking a break from zookeeping right now. My spread is that I asked three questions (is it time right now, pros of taking the break and cons of taking the break) and I pulled three cards for each of those questions. No particular spread used

  1. “Should I take a break from zookeeping right now?” Tower reversed, queen of swords reversed, queen of cups, ace of swords

My interpretation is that me taking a break from zookeeping could have negative affects and that I need more time to think it over and gain clarity. The queen of cups says to gain more emotional balance before I make the decision. The queen of swords reversed says to let my emotions over run my head while making the decision. The tower reversed says if I leave no for a break it could have catastrophic impacts on my career. Ace of swords would be the clarity I need

  1. The pros/benefits of taking a break from zookeeping right now? 9 of pentacles, 8 of wands, the hermit and 4 of cups

My interpretation is that a break will give me more time to myself to reflect on what I truly want in my career/life (the hermit and 4 of cups) and more spare time in general in my personal life. 9 of pentacles shows me having more independence and the 8 of wands would bring me more inspiration to find out what I truly want

  1. What are the negatives/cons of taking a break right now from zookeeping? The fool, 10 of swords (clarified by tower reversed) and the devil reversed

I don’t really like these cards. Maybe it’s saying I would ruin my career if I take a break right now. The devil reversed could mean a bad choice. The tower reversed may be saying it will have catastrophic impacts that could make me leave zookeeping for good. The fool may mean that the con would be having to change careers and the10 of swords has the same message

Thanks for your help ❤️

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