Is there a way to cleanse my deck without burning anything?

I’ve had my deck for awhile and gotten iffy readings so far. At first it was just simple interest, and I wasn’t serious about it. I didn’t care that it’s best to cleanse and become personal with your cards. I almost thought of it as a joke, and would even tell people that it was just for fun

Now I’ve started to genuinely care, and I want to reset and do it right. I want to cleanse the deck and start over with true intent, not to see it as a game. Everything I see about cleansing cards says to burn sage or something similar, but that is strictly not allowed in my apartment and I can’t take them anywhere else to do it. I genuinely want to rebuild my relationship with my cards but I don’t know how.

Does anyone know of an alternative to cleansing my deck? And does anyone have advice for a tarot beginner? Anything you can think of will help, and I greatly appreciate it.

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