Is there a wrong way to pick cards?

So I started reading tarot cards as a way to relive some of my anxiety about certain questions I had. I don’t know I just have a fear of the unknown. The reason I got into it is because one of my friends did it and gave me a reading.

The way she did it is she had me shuffle the deck and then part it in half. After I parted it in half she took all of those cards and layer them out in a fancy pattern on the floor. She does a different pattern every time and so do I. I then took my hand and waved them over that cards and selected the ones that gave me any sort of feeling wether it was a tingling sensation or warmth or my hand felt heavier.

Is this a proper way to select cards or is it only really for flair. It the way I’ve been reading cards for about a year now but I’m starting to question if it’s necessary? Any advice is much appreciated!!

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