Is there any way I could improve my creativity via practising Tarot?

I have always felt like my creativity is just… blocked. I can use other's ideas and shape them well, or can flow with the conversation once it started, but it feels almost impossible to come up with anything 'original'. I can't imagine a picture to draw without guidelines, can't create anything, can't come up with a conversation topic, nothing without a given general idea. It feels like the opportunities are a vast ocean and I can't get a drop of water from it, because I don't know how I should do it, but once somebody put their hands in the water, I can follow them without problem.
On the other hand I can imagine situations very well, my intuitions are on point, and I practised my forms of 'magic' my entire life – successfully.
Regarding card readings (I have my decks long ago but rarely use them, so I'm still a beginner), I have mostly drawn the appropriate cards (I had used to write them on a note), but I almost always fail with the translation. Looking back on the note weeks/months later I clearly see that the answer was right there, I just couldn't read it.
Do you think studying and practising Tarot more frequently could improve my creativity or unlock the blockage from it?

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