Issues with Seasons of the Witch Beltane Oracle

Let me start off by saying that I am not trying to talk bad about the creators of this deck. I love all the Seasons of the Witch oracle decks (Samhain, Yule, Beltane). I'm just curious if other people are feeling the same way I am with the newest deck (Beltane).

So I was really looking forward to getting the Beltane deck in this series. Beltane is my second favorite sabbat so I had high hopes for this deck. But I've done a fair few daily card pulls with this deck and the messages that are in the guidebook just don't seem to be adding up to the image and my own personal interpretations of the cards. These cards, when read with the meanings in the guidebook, are really harsh. The Yule deck in this series is SUPER gentle and the Samhain is a nice mix of harsh truth and gentleness. But I'm at the point with the Beltane oracle that I am just basing the meanings solely on my intuition (which isn't a bad thing). The other thing is, I don't mind the harsh truth from my cards, I'm not disregarding the guidebook meanings just because I want a nicer outcome. It's just that the meanings of the cards don't make a lot of sense given the images and card names.

Anyone else use the Seasons of the Witch Oracle deck series? Anyone feel the same or differently than I do?

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