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I’m seeking help with the interpretation of what my cards told me so far…I’m quite new on it,but when things comes to my personal readings for myself , I’m getting lost. I’m going through a horrible heart break and I felt like my cards “comforted me” but I don’t want to see it that way tho, I don’t want to be biased. So my situation is on-off connection. Person that I love said he doesn’t care about me, he is selfish and so on so on after 3 months of good and human relationship ( I even been invited to his house for family celebration). This switch was dreadful and left me like after f boy games. He doesn’t want to cut it off as a break up, but in the same time do not text or speak with me unless I initiate. He said he feel pressure when we talk. We are in lockdown rn, so 2 months passed like that when he said – let’s wait lockdown is over and we will talk face to face. A asked did he even love me? He said the feelings are mutual. But this is so sick situation. How can you love and ghost, this mind game is tiring so , yesterday I energetically got feed up of it. My epic pain was month ago, yesterday I only had a dull one and felt that my energy shifted. I set with my cards that long so they got warm in my hands, I hesitated , because first time I finally felt I’m energetically pulling away from my ex/current/ nobody ( this is how I call that boy now).

So I gave a spreed and my dec gave me this:

1st line: Queen of Wands , 3 of Swards Reversed (rx), Chariot Rx.

2nd down line : King of Swards, Strength , 8 of Wands.

3d down line : Empress, The Sun, 9 of Wands rx.

I felt like the first line is me : Queen is very nurturing, as mother figure …that what I was in that relationship. 3 of swards…well, the pain I had month ago now is going away, I’m healing and it’s somehow true. But rx Chariot? Luck of direction. (?) Or Am I moving on slower then I wanted to…

The second line is tricky for me. King of swords , Cold and distance man figure who hide emotions it’s defiantly my ex. But the Strength and 8 of wands near, is it about upcoming communication? Reconciliation? Or it’s just…he move on so rapid already ? Or is it me…becoming distant and kind of leaving everything behind , finding strength and clarity?

3d line is a mystery for me. The empress and sun such beautiful combination, defiantly not what I experience now. And 9 of wands , I’m not fighting for this love anymore, I let it flow…I will let it flow to become the empress . Sorry, maybe I’m messed up everything here. I set nearly hour and a lot of things came to my mind but I’m afraid I’m so wrapped in my own feelings and pain so I may be very blinded to what cards told me about my situation.

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