I’ve been pulling the same 4 cards for my different readings all day

My deck is always straight forward when I do in person readings. I'll tell people, it's probably what you don't want to hear but what you need to hear or I'll just call em sassy because..well they are. My cards (as far as I know) havnt been wrong for in person readings but I've been trying readings for friends over text and stuff.

Today I've been getting the same cards over and over, in no particular order, it's just they keep popping up with one or 2 other cards. -hanged man reversed –lots of hierophant pulls (reversed and upright) -the lovers -a "5 of blank" card in almost every reading

I want to give the most accurate readings since I'm practicing but I've never had this happen before? I did a test pull on a guy who really pissed me off and wouldn't respect my boundaries, it was a lovers reversed card. So i feel like my deck isn't "broken"? I guess I just want to know what my deck might be telling me? I feel like I'm missing a sign staring me in the face. It's not like I can read these as a 4 card pull because it's in no specific order. For people I'm not with to read, I shuffle until cards fly out so there's no chance of a pattern.

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