I’ve been wanting a rhinoplasty for many years, and decided to ask the cards about it, pulled The Hanged Man, should I pull one more?

I've read that it means you are stuck and either need to accept the situation and move forward or step up to achieve the thing you want to progress, otherwise you will be stuck in limbo.

That makes sense considering I really want it, I am stuck looking at everyone's noses and comparing them to mine (from wanting it's becoming an obsession), BUT no one around me is supportive of it, it is very expensive, and there are obvious risks of having a botched surgery, and health problems.

So, my interpretation is that I should either learn to accept my nose (I've tried for many years to no avail) or just push myself and take the leap to get the rhinoplasty done.

Should I pull one more card? This seems to me as a "maybe" interpretation. Or am I just reading it wrong?

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