Judgement for Timing?

I was just curious if anyone has a timing method they use for Judgement. I've been working at reconciling with my specific person, and pulled a few Rider-Waite upright cards and this one had me stumped. For example in my reading I wanted to establish whether or not I'll hear back from him, and got 8 of wands. Lookin' good. We do text from time to time. Then I asked if he wants to get back together with me, 2 of cups. Lookin' good. But then the final card, I asked when we will get back together and received Judgement. So in this case, I looked at it as a second chance, a swift decision, fresh start, resurrection/reunion? I've been told this is the card for Scorpio season, but others have mentioned that this could be no timing, or after a decision is made. Has anyone experienced Judgement as a reconciliation or 2nd chance? Did this take awhile? I love reading other's experiences, it's helping me heaps! Thanks everyone!

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