Just airing out my morning pulls

I’ve been unusually grumpy and/or angry lately. I just got the illuminated deck and after a few nights of letting it air out I used it this morning to pull about the source of my anger/grump.

I pulled two 3 card readings- the devil in the middle both times. The first pull was about being too materialistic and the second pull was about working towards contentment.

I decided to do a Celtic cross to get more specific. In order: Devil, tower, 7 of clubs, 10 of clubs, 8 of diamonds, Star/Sun, 6 of diamonds, queen of diamonds, 8 of spades, Ace of Spades. I also had The emperor jump out at the end of that pull too.

I harrumphed at the cards more than once after that because I didn’t need to be so aggressively called out. But I moved on, shuffled, asked a few more questions, then asked “what am I missing?” To which my apparently very blunt deck gave me the joker.

I know I’m just a username, but I’ve been having a hard go of it the last few years which has lead me to be uncomfortably regimented and strict with myself. So if anyone wants to comfort me after the personal attack the cards just gave me, I’ll be over here tending to my wounds.

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