Just came across a scammer on tiktok, lol

Like, I understand charging 30$ for a 40 minute professional reading. That seems kinda fair.

But if they also start it off with "I read your name and felt a strong *connection*-", then stay persistent, when I tell them that I can't/don't want to buy that, vaguely try to scare me with "I'm sensing dark energies! You need the healing!" and then evade all my questions about

A) If they just read my username (which woudn't give them much info at all, since mine is pretty abstract),

B) they won't tell me if/how they know my real name, and what it is for verification, and

C) they tell me repeatedly that I "have to trust them" and "not everyone is after money :)))"

I do get suspicious.

I did also tell them that I do tarot too, am perfectly capable of doing readings for myself, and that I'll reach out if I want/need anything.

Note, that I also don't show my face, or ANYTHING really on that app, and never mention my full name or exact place I live. I also use like, 4 variations of my first or chosen names, so good luck figuring out the right one without knowing me personally!

Stay safe out there, y'all.

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