Just got a deck of cards recently and tried them out. Got cards that are consecutive order TWICE. Is that weird ?

So I still don’t know much about Tarot cards.

I just bought this Jungian Deck by Robert Wang and just wanted to try it out by shuffling the cards and pick 3 at a time and see what happens.

What’s weird is that both times I pulled out 3 cards that are in consecutive order.

I uploaded links to them. Is this weird or what ?

Also has anyone used this deck before? Are all decks the same but just different illustrations ?

https://ibb.co/dMRMydd https://ibb.co/6FdyN4T https://ibb.co/LZbvL5f https://ibb.co/kM0p628 https://ibb.co/M89XBfR

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