Justice and The Lovers

Deck used: Rider waite Question: What is it the universe wishes to show me right now? Context: I had a vicar approach me today feeling as if he needed to give me a message and said God had something to show me and I felt what he said needed elaborating on more so I turned to my tarot deck. My interpretations: Justice – The card of belief systems, fairness, karma. This to me says I need to establish a more concrete belief system, or that the energy i’ve been giving out is on its way back to me. This card flew out when shuffling first, followed by the lovers.
The Lovers – The card of choice, union, harmony, relationships. Because this card came out after Justice, I see it as what will follow it or what Justice will promote. I feel it’s saying that by developing this belief system i’m opening myself up to being more in control of my choices, and giving myself up to more unions or harmonious relationships. Shadow card was the 10 of cups which to me says if I am to follow this advice then I will me much more content and happier.

My overall interpretation is that by developing a solid belief system and figuring out what I do and don’t stand for (Justice), I can become more content (10 or cups) and I will find it easier forming relationships and making choices (Lovers)

Any second interpretations would be really appreciated here as I’m still fairly unsure on if I have read this correctly. Thank you!

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