Justice as relationship outcome?

I've been dealing with a very difficult relationship for some time now. The guy I'm dating is very closed off on his emotions, and the communication has been so challenging that it's given me heavy anxiety for a while now. Basically, he has a habit of being non-responsive to me for an entire day when he gets emotionally overwhelmed/does not want to face his feelings and I've been having such a hard time getting to him so we can work things out. I've pretty much just laid low now and I don't really know what to do. I'm hurt and I'm trying so hard. I know he's like that as a trauma response (baggage from previous failed relationships) but it feels like I'm getting nowhere with trying to improve things.

I asked for the outcome of our relationship and keep getting Justice as a result. I'm interpreting this as whatever effort we've done in the past, we would reap what we've sown. Does this sound about right?

Deck used is the Ink Witch Tarot by the way.

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