Keep getting Empress RX when asking how am I as a mother…

I am needing help interpreting a question I admittedly keep asking my tarot deck repeatedly…"How am I doing as a mother to my kid (3yo)? " I keep getting Empress rx repeatedly, I even asked a friend of mine to do a pull and she pulled the same card.

From what I understand Empress rx is a neglectful mother who is self interested and is more concerned with herself rather than her own child…basically someone who is NOT nurturing. Im a sahm so I am always with my child, I am not abusive, nor do I speak harshly towards my kid…I have loads of activities planned for her and try my best to always engage with her. I do stress about whether I am doing a "good enough" job, as it is just my husband and myself with no support system near us. I will admit I do worry a lot and compare myself to other parents/mothers who have a lot of support. I try to give her a full experience but I am getting rather tapped out as we havent had a break since she has been born.

I feel like out of all the cards to get for this question empress rx is one of THE WORST card you can pull. Can anyone provide any guidance as to why this card may be showing up? My husband says I am a good mother and I need to not worry about our daughter so much. I know that is what matters most but repeatedly getting that card is bothering me.

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