King of wands, reversed king of cups, 2 of pentacles, and 2 of wands (order of cards)

“What do I need to know in creating spiritual content to guide others?” As my spiritual journey continues to grow, I’m planning on creating content around spiritual guidances, healing, tarot, and meditation.

The way I interpreted these cards is that there is an opportunity to grow this project and provide guidance for others- as the King of Wands is seen as a mentor, visionary, and ready to strive for your goals. With the King of Cups reversed, there is some blockages or doubts that is making me think on how should I proceed with this project- like being emotionally connected,communication issues. So, I need to learn how to balance (2 of Pentacles) both the King of Wands and Cups in order to bring this creativity to life. And once the balance is done, I will gain a wider perspective of my vision, travel to create content, and guide others through their journey.

What are your thoughts?

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