Labyrinthos decks.

Hi all. I've asked this question in two witchy discords I'm in but never got a substantial reply. So I thought I'd turn to this reddit for some advice. (Mods if I flaired this wrong I'm sorry)

I love the app it's wonderful, but I don't have any of the decks. I want to buy a deck to get a better understanding as I'm a noob. I do have a few other decks I've been working with but struggle a bit with interpretations. They are great but I think having a matching deck to the labyrinthos app will really help me.

Is there a deck you find that has good qualities for a beginner? I can't remember the names but the blue deck with gold thread is beautiful. I also absolutely love the deck with the holo back.

I know finding cards that you bond with is important but I want to learn with the best deck.

Any suggestions or maybe this question is dumb. I dunno.

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