Let’s Create a List of the Best / Favorite Tarot Readers on Youtube

Hello all. I am a long time tarot reader and I'd love to hear all about everyone's favorite Readers on Youtube. I will start!

First off, Celestial Insights. She predicted the Pandemic in October of 2019. The video is still up. I will link to her here. If you can't find the exact video, msg me. She does monthly readings but I find the most accurate are the world events. I have gotten three personal readings from her and they were all spot on. https://www.youtube.com/c/CelestialInsights

Second Gemstone Tarot. I got a personal reading before she stopped doing them, and it was accurate and saved me some big heartache. Her monthlies are great and her dailies are wonderful. Quick random love readings and other content, she is positive and like human sunshine. https://www.youtube.com/user/toast570

Born without Boundaries… my friend was once watching her monthlies and it predicted that a mother or someone was passing out of her life, and that had just happened. it was wild. Great, accurate, and like a fantastic counselor. https://www.youtube.com/c/BornwithoutBoundariesMichelleSantagate

I have fallen away from this last one b/c of my schedule, and her readings are long and in depth.


Finally, best pick a card, imho, and personal reader (i have gotten almost ten from her), Aphrodite is psychologically intuitive and spot on. She has helped me with relationships and career.


I hope this is helpful, esp for beginning tarot readers. Please share your favorites too! Anyone have any favorite Etsy readers?

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