Lets discuss beacons, numerology and some interesting findings for a moment.

Cosmic greetings!
I want to discuss beacon cards for a moment as I have been toying some with this recently. Beacon cards are the the numerical match to a date (usually your birthdate) with all numbers added up, then reduced to the lowest value below 20 for tarot – so if someone was born today 06/02/2020 you would add up 06+02+2020 = 12 the 12th card in the major arcana is The Hanged Man so the card for today would be the hanged man.

My beacon card, if I add up the numbers of my birth date is The Hierophant and that honestly makes sense for me and how my life has unfolded so far.

Here is where it gets kind of weird – for about the past, I don't 3 months or so now, when I am shuffling my cards it seems like almost every time I break the back in half to do the bridge shuffle I am cutting to The Magician card, this has happened across multiple decks, more times than I can count. So I got to thinking, it must mean something right?

So, I decided to take my beacon number of 5 and add it up with the Magician's number of 1 which equals 6 – 6 is The Lovers and the Lovers astrological sign is Gemini , and wouldn't you know it? I AM A GEMINI!
So that's kind of spooky….

Anyone else have any insight into this?

Anyone have any cool beacon or numerology stuff related to Tarot cards, or want to share what their Beacon card is and if it matches up?

Thanks for reading, Blessed Be.

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