Literal interpretations

Something I notice with YouTube readers is that they will say exactly what’s on the card and then make a disclaimer.

For example, in love readings if 3 of Cups or 3 of Pentacles shows up, they’ll say, “This could mean a third party situation” and follow it up with, “but if it is you already know.”

Those cards don’t mean love triangle to me just because three people are pictured. To me, the imagery is symbolic, just like dreams. If I dream my teeth are falling out in the sink, that doesn’t mean I need a dentist. And if the reader was confident in their interpretation, they wouldn’t say, “This may or may not be true, but it’s already blatantly obvious to you anyways.”

Or they will pull The World and say, “You’re going on a trip, traveling the world” followed by, “If this isn’t the message for you find what resonates, choose another pile or listen to my other videos.”

I really do watch “for entertainment purposes only” because most YouTube readers serve no other purpose. They’re not helping people learn tarot for themselves. Not saying they should—I know their channel is their hustle, getting people addicted to their readings. I just find it kind of sad that their subscribers have such faith in their interpretations, because many who watch those channels are interested in learning and just got their first deck.

Or maybe it’s just me? Do any experienced readers take the cards literally and find it to be accurate? Do you think your beliefs influenced the outcome because you acted accordingly, or do you think the cards show exactly what’s going to happen regardless? Like if you get the Death card, do you check on sick or elderly relatives?

I’m interested in if literal interpretations work for people IRL, or if this is just an internet thing no one takes seriously to begin with.

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