Looking for a chalice… or a nice cup at least.

So I've been wanting to decorate my tarot reading space and wanted a brass chalice or goblet, something that represents the suit of cups nicely. However, I'm struggling to find a good design that I like, and I'd prefer to keep it under $50, $100 being the absolute max I'd ever go (both in Canadian).

If you know any retailers that sell a decent selection, let me know. Local stores have failed me. Preferences I personally have are as follows if you want to know the specifics:

  • Non-polished brass (if it has a mirror-reflective finish, I find it less appealing)
  • Large enough it could be used as an actual cup, not a shot glass.
  • Not too overly decorated, but not plain either. (something overly done like on Dark Knight Armoury is too much. Something that has no decorations other than a single stamped symbol is uninteresting)
  • No words on it. Dunno why but it bugs me seeing words on cups not meant for coffee.

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