Looking for a ‘cozy’ deck

I’m hoping to find a deck that I’m not sure exists.. it’s based on a kind of feeling or state in my minds eye, instead of a particular look. I’m getting nowhere, so throwing it out there to see if anyone has suggestions on their shelf or wishlist.

Ideally I want to find a deck I can use on my slower, energy saver mode days when I’m receptive mostly to chill activities or messages. I love the tarot & oracle decks I have and the pastime of readings but their energy can be intense.. in a good way mostly but just a lot. On days like I’ve mentioned, i’d really like a deck that matches my energy for the day, instead of boosts it. Sort of like soul food or comfort food in deck form?

The vibe I’m searching for feels like: – Lazy Sundays – Self care – Rainy days – Autumn/Fall

I’m not too cutesy or girly, so the softer, pastel, cartoon, ethereal or angel type of decks I’ve seen don’t call to me.. but I’m open to recommendations! If you think my bias is excluding a worthwhile deck, I’m down to hear about it.

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