Looking for a second opinion only/ any comments/ suggestions! My full interpretation included below as well as card positions :)

Wondering how someone else may interpret this reading/ if they would agree with my interpretation of this reading/ if anyone has a thing they'd like to add πŸ™‚ – also having a little bit of difficulty interpreting the Hanged Man clarified by the Star specifically?

(some background on my friends relationship they've been friends for almost 10 years and were very close, the past year they started to have a romantic relationship but it became kinda tumultuous over the past year (in my opinion it was no longer the healthy, trusting friendship they used to have I think both have some relationship issues in general that may have contributed) over the past year they've become very much on/off and currently they're not speaking due to a fight however they're always running into each other in passing randomly, they're talking about each other to mutual friends and both have had dreams about each other)

My friend asked me to see what type of relationship the 2 of them have.

The reading is as follows, bolded are the cards & their positions/ what they're clarified by, followed by my interpretation below…

The Fool clarified by 9 of Cups

Honestly I believe they've known each other in multiple lives. However, I think in this particular one I believe they're both hoping for a new start and kind of dream come true/ wish fulfillment with the 9 of Cups and the Fool. King of Swords clarified by Queen of Swords

King of Swords clarified by the Queen of Swords

With the King of Swords & King of Pentacles, Queen of Swords & Queen of Pentacles I believe they defiantly have a strong bond/ connection they're defiantly meant for eachother in some way, I believe it also showcases the type of people they are. Both are very much headstrong and think with their head before their emotions, showcased by the swords and they're also a very psychical, sensual couple demonstrated by the pentacles, sex is definitely import to both of them and a major component in their relationship. (Also both of their big 3 is ALL air and earth signs, they're definitely 2 of the most emotionally "detached" people I know, not the most emotionally open/ expressive especially about romantic relationships lol)

Page of Swords clarified by Knight of Swords and 3 of Cups

With the Page of Swords, Knight of Swords & 3 of Cups I'd say a major competent in their relationship is the mental stimulation and banter they have, with the 3 of Cups included in this I see it as very spontaneous while also showing the transition from a friendship to romance. Perhaps one of the reasons they're on/off so often is because it does bring them some sort of mental stimulation by giving them a challenge and some sense of excitement.

The Hanged Man clarified by the Star

With the Hanged Man and the Star I'm struggling with a bit, maybe in this life both of them are hoping/wishing they can have a happy successful relationship together, but they're leaving it "up in the air" or leaving it to the universe to see what happens and what comes of it, I think this could also relate to the Sun and the Wheel of Fortune at the bottom & top of the deck. Could it also show that maybe through them thinking/ dreaming of each other it helps give them a new perspective on the relationship? Maybe they're starting to realize this isn't something new this has happened in multiple lives?

2 of Wands, the Lovers, Knight of Cups, the Chariot, Knight of Wands, 6 of Swords Reversed

I think the 2 of Wands and the Lovers shows their relationship has a different type of bond, perhaps soulmates or twin flames, and their relationship is definitely reoccurring and from the past with the 6 of Swords reversed. With the Knight of Cups, Chariot & Knight of Wands I believe it shows they kinda mirror each other, one won't move forward without the other/ one will not make a move unless they know/ feel it may be reciprocated, however this can also effect them with their fights emphasized by the 6 of Swords reversed they may focus of the negativity in the past and is my prevent them from moving forward sometimes if they're unsure whether the other is willing to move on and forgive them or not.

King of Pentacles clarified by the Queen of Pentacles

Signifies the sensual nature of their relationship. I think both of them urn for stability with the other however they may be to stubborn to admit it, emphasized by the Queen & King of Swords. But i think with the two pairs of queens and kings is defeteinly shows they have a special relationship, may be one that a lot of other people might not understand just due to the lack of emotion both of them show to the other. I get the feeling that neither wants to look like the weak one to the other, both want to be strong and very much capable on their own but whether they choose to admit it to the other or not they know their relationship is different from others they've had in the past, they may not even want to admit how much they feel connected to one another.

Bottom of the deck: Wheel of Fortune

Top of the deck: The Sun

The Wheel of Fortune and the Sun only solidifies to me that this is some sort of reoccurring past life relationship. However, I believe in this one they want to find happiness, they don't want the relationship to end badly like maybe it has in a past life, in this one it seems like they/ their higher selves want it to succeed.

Any and all comments/ insight for second opinion(s) would be very much appreciated! <3

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