Looking for an ASMR tarot reader

Apologies in advance for the limited info, but I'm trying to find an ASMR Tarot card reader I subbed to around five years ago. She was very popular at the time and had a substantial following.

What I can remember: She was a legitimate, and very good, tarot reader not just an ASMR Youtuber. I believe she was mid 30-40s and was based in Canada. She never showed her face as she preferred to concentrate on the cards and her tarot set up, but she always had a great manicure! She did daily readings but also did a lot of unboxing of tarot purchases and gifts sent to her by her followers.

I know it's not a lot to go on but any help you can send my way would be appreciated. I loved listening to her whilst trying to get to sleep.

Many thanks!

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