Looking for help understanding the Hierophant (in general and in a specific spread)

Birthday Spread

Hey y'all!

I decided to do a birthday spread for myself and was hoping I could get a second opinion/clarification on a portion of it. The full spread was twelve cards but I won't bore you with all of it, so here's the portion I'm looking for help interpreting.

Card 1: what do you aspire to in the next 12 months? – Seven of Wands: I took this to mean perseverance, as my last year has been pretty rough. I feel like it was a positive indication that although things could be rough or unplanned, I can make it through anything life throws on me.

Card 2: what empowers you in reaching your aspirations? -tower reversed (I looooove the tower card): I took this as a sign of a big positive internal change as I am already feeling that energy

Card 3: what may stand in the way of reaching your aspirations? -the Hierophant: I've got to be honest, I'm not super familiar with this card and it almost never comes up for me. I think the best definition I feel fits is being unwilling to go out on a limb or maybe trying too hard to stick with the status quo.

So I pulled two clarifiers on the heirophant: eight of wands and the nine of pentacles.

I thought the eight of wands was particularly interesting as it relates to the seven of wands I pulled for my aspirations card. I wonder if the implication of speed means that I have to be careful doing things too quickly or without planning but then I feel like the message from the seven of wands is there will be things I can't plan.

The nine of pentacles is also little confusing to me because it feels to me like a very positive card. To spin it in regards to what could stand in my way I could see a message of "be careful that you don't overindulge". This relates to cards in other parts of my spread that emphasized self love so I guess this could be the meaning in my case but I feel like I may be missing something with this one.

Is there possibly a relationship between cards that I'm missing? Or is there maybe another interpretation for one or more cards that may make more sense? I've accepted that there may not be anything more than what I've perceived and that it could be a spread that makes more sense looking back on it in the future.

Thanks for any help!

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