I did a Celtic cross reading to inquire about the current love situation for me and a guy I’m somewhat dating.

The cards and my interpretation is as followed:

1) situation: king of rods – he’s a fire sign so this represents him

2) what crosses you: six of rods- this card is about success and victory but in this position bc it crosses me I’m feeling unsuccessful and not victorious which makes sense since our last interaction didn’t go so well

3) what lies above: six of cups- I feel like we bring a child like sense with each other and enjoy spending time when we do connect. Possible reconnection in the future.

4) what lies below: death – when I got this card I was initially taken back but in this position I understand it as when we first started dating I rewired my love language and set up my standards. I read this like the death of my old dating patterns and the rebirth of my new dating patterns.

5) the past: four of cups – boredom of love life I was feeling before we started seeing each other. I was closed off to love with fear of getting my heart broken again so I took some time to myself to heal decided to rejoin the dating game

6) the future: six of rods – a good omen for success with love. Possible could indicate marriage and children. In it for the long haul. The castle signifies our house, family, children, and the life could build together.

7) myself: the world – feeling completion and happiness. I want to have a serious, romantic, and intimate relationship with this guy and my goal will be accomplished.

8) environment: the moon – feeling uncertain and insecure about the relationship currently.

9) hopes and fears: ace of pentacles – a love that is loyal, lasting and practical. Relationship that makes me feel secure and loved. Feeling lucky to have each other.

10) outcome: five of rods – competition between suitors and I have to compete for his affection. Welcome to the hunger games modern day dating when people date you and others at the same time…may the best player win. Conflict between lovers. Nonetheless, they will require some lightheartedness to remember how inconsequential they actually are to your happiness. Keep things playful.

My venus in picses has a tendency to see things with rose coloured glasses so I’m open to all interpretations and insights based on this reading🔮

Thank you 🤍

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