Love reading interpretation request

Context: There’s a man in my life who I’ve seen on and off for the past year, his career requires him to travel 8/9 months out of the year. When we first started hanging out, he told me relationships don’t work out with him being gone so often, but over time he apologized to me & told me he just pushes me and everyone else away. Recently, he’s been flaking on me more often; asking me to hangout and then disappearing for weeks.

“Why is he acting this way? Why didn’t he respond?” 7 of wands, 4 of wands, King of Swords (i’ve gotten the 7 of wands anytime i’ve done a reading about him)

“How does he feel when he sees me?” The Star, 8 of pentacles reversed, 9 of cups, 10 of swords

Overall energy: Judgment reversed

Thank you guys! 🖤


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