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I am using the Hermetic Tarot by Godfrey Dowson rn. I did a past present future spread for my love life, and it came up with the Nine of Cups, The Sun, and The Foolish Man respectively. In general I feel a lot of positivity and hope in this reading. Given the Sun’s position at the center for the present, and the Fool’s position at the right for the future, there seem to be bright days ahead of me and new adventures to embark upon in my love life. Hell, even the nine of cups indicates all of the work I’ve been doing on myself and in my spiritual life and the rewards that is producing. This entire spread makes me feel like a beacon of bright light that is tuned in to its highest potential and is ready to find someone to share all its abundance with.

If anyone has other thoughts or any takes on this, I’d love to hear. For context, I have been single for a couple years after a difficult breakup and have spent a lot of energy up to now on self-development in particular.

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