Love spread, general…

I saw this spread entitled "All about love" and I decided to try it out. The cards resonated way more than I thought they would, but I wasn't sure about a couple of them. I chose not to read reversals. My interpretations were kind of my gut feelings immediately upon looking at the cards for each question, combined with the knowledge I already have…

How to allow more love into my life- 2 of Swords * don't be so guarded. OR, I'm feeling stuck and can't see the whole picture in order to move on

  1. New way to start expressing love- Page of Cups
  2. allow myself to be spontaneous and creative; being in touch with what I truly feel and allowing that to come out

  3. What can I do to find lasting love- 3 of Wands

  4. Start where I am, having confidence with the foundation I've build, and look for it. Expand my horizons, keep an open mind.

  5. Something I need to learn about committment- King of Pentacles

  6. Work for it! Its something that is actively manifested over time through conscious actions. Partner needs to show the same stability, but as I'm incredibly committment-phobic, I think this is something I need to focus on as well

  7. Something I need to learn about Trust- Hierophant, 2 of Cups (I spread the cards out in a fan and choose for each question, and sometimes I'm really drawn to two cards so I pull them both)

  8. Not sure about this one! The Heirophant has been coming up a LOT for me lately. With these two together, my best guess is this is saying I need to deeply feel it, and trust my own inner authority regarding the situation?

  9. Something I need to learn about Communication- Ace of Cups

  10. Speak from the heart, say what I feel. In the past I've worried about revealing too much and have tried to stay more emotionally neutral, not wanting to go overboard. This could be a warning not to overdo it, but generally, that this is a direction that is good for me to go in. I think.

  11. Describe my soul mate- Page of Pentacles, 8 of Swords

  12. Again I felt really drawn to pulling two cards here. I really don't know what to make of this though. If I had to guess it sounds like my "soulmate" is tied up with his own issues at the moment, haha.

  13. Soul lesson I'm learning about love- Hanged Man

  14. Letting go, accepting things as they are, changing my perspective. Being patient; the ways I've approached relationships haven't worked, and now I'm hanging in limbo while learning to accept where I am, and to look at things differently.

If anyone has any other ideas for these cards in this spread, I'd be interested to hear them!

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