Lovers his feelings for me, Justice for the other woman, Ace of Swords as outcome for us

LONG STORY SHORT guy ive been talking to everyday since January admitted he was seeing someone after he told me he didn't want to start anything because he's unstable and moving out of state.

For his feelings for me I got Lovers, this makes sense because he was SO concerned with me not hating him and told me how important I am to him and that he really enjoys talking to me.

For feelings for her I got Justice- If you're wanting to know what someone is feeling about you, then Justice is not a particularly good card because it is not a card of feelings and emotions; it is as it is. Therefore, I would say that Justice predicts that the person has neutral feelings towards you.

For final outcome between us I got Ace of Swords which means that we are currently arguing. so I pulled one more and got Page of Penticles

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