Making oracle cards?

I love tarot, but sometimes I wish I had something that clarified the subject or idea. I find using oracles along side tarot fascinating… but I have not seen a single oracle deck that I feel a connection with.

I already drafted 54 blank water color cards, about the size of my everyday tarot deck. But I'm having trouble thinking of phrases, words, or imagery to use.

I might end up making several decks at this point.

I'm thinking maybe an artsy theme. Lots of interesting abstract brush strokes, maybe with an image if I feel the need for it.

I find my creative process works best if I talk with others first and gather ideas and mental images before starting a project, which is why I am asking about it here.

My apologies if this isn't allowed, since it's about oracle and not tarot, but this is the first sub I thought to shoot this question to.

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