Manifesting soulmate spread

I decided to do a spread I recently stumbled upon. It was "manifesting a soulmate" spread which revolved around the law of attraction. Let me know what you think of my reading!

  1. Card to represent a soulmate I can manifest into my life = Eight of Swords

I kinda recognized the pattern I've been in: I often stumble upon and befriend people who are going through a rough patch in their lives. And when their situation gets better, they either move on from me or stick around for a longer friendship. It has been draining sometimes, to see that a person who you have invested so much time in, just decides you're not worth her time anymore. But they are not indebted to me or anything, it is a free life we are living and anyone can decide who they want to spend time with.

  1. How can I attract this person into my life = Ace of Cups

This is quite simple really. Opening up to new possibilities and for love to flow in your life in its many forms.

  1. A way I can be more open to reveive this person = Five of Cups

Maybe this hints to the ability to discard fear of failure and negativity? You can't let love into your heart if negativity and cynicism have already filled it. Perhaps it also hints to let go of the past (I have some love trauma in my past)

  1. Something about this person that I'm not expecting = Four of Cups

Maybe this hints to someone whom I wouldn't think we'd have much in common from the get go? Like a "I don't know about this…" mentality?

  1. How I will meet this person = Ten of Swords, Six of Pentacles and Seven of Pentacles

Charity work or after hard work and perseverance? Maybe I will need to do a lot of hard work to find this person? Ten of Swords and Seven of Pentacles makes me think I will meet this person upon some kind of an ending – like upon reaching a huge milestone or after finishing a big project? Ten of Swords could hint to some kind of a crisis.

  1. What I will think about them upon meeting them = Page of Pentacles

Very down to earth person. Can be youthful but also a bit immature at times? May be materialistic due to the Pentacles, or perhaps she's someone who counts her coins so to speak.

  1. How I will know this person is my soulmate = Eight of Pentacles

Again, the Pentacles popped up. Maybe I will meet her in my work or in a work project? Or maybe she's someone who's extremely career oriented? (Page of Pentacles linked to Eight of Pentacles)

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