Mean clients?

I'm disabled so I sell some Tarot readings in order to just make some money (not on disability, just disabled) & I've enjoyed it, but it just got very draining over the year I've been doing it.

I don't charge more than 5$, even for lengthy readings, and I did that just because they're not tangible and I understand they can be hit and miss. I do all of this on Etsy, who already take 20%, so it's honestly mostly for fun and practice.

I'm just tired of being verbally abused by clients whenever I'm wrong or they don't like the message (and I'm talking about cussing me out, threatening to hack me, threatening to find my location).

They will come back years later to yell at me about my reading now being inaccurate. I'm just so exhausted – now I get stressed for every reading I do for fear of being wrong or getting spammed with low stars.

Sometimes they'll come back to tell me I was actually right after yelling at me and spamming me with negative reviews 😭

I just… I don't know what to do anymore? I'm just very sad and disheartened. I just do it for entertainment, for people to either take the message or leave it, and it doesn't seem worth it anymore.

I don't know how I feel about charging anymore, either. I put a disclaimer that it's less predictive and more about reading the current situation, but that doesn't seem to matter.

It's just, I can't really hold any job right now, and it made me feel better to know that even if I was bedridden I could still do something (even if small).

Any advice?

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