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Reversed Ten of Swords and The World

I asked my friend who has passed, if he had any messages for me and I noticed that whenever I ask, I have this sort of expectation hiding in the low for him to tell me how I'm doing or what I should do. Hoping for him to be a guide when I really just to know the gist of how he is doing, what he is doing, or whatever so I focused on this.

I got reversed ten of swords… then I drew another card for clarification and got The World..

I didn't look up for meanings. The picture on 10 of swords is 10 swords sticking in a glass roof with roofies of buildings and an Eiffel tower in background. One of swords is sticking through a bloody pigeon and a bunch of pigeons flying away. Upside down, the handles on swords look like cross tombstones. I felt.. like this friend is helping with others who had passed..? Flying pigeons are some that are returning to the Earth. IDK. Why the trapped pigeon? The world.. universal. He is one with the universe. I dunno.

I'm not sure if I wasn't centered enough and drew random (I haven't touched tarot cards in a good while) or if this message does make sense.. or it is for "me." I can't figure out what the interpretation of this is if its related to him

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