Missing Card(s)?

I wasn’t sure where to put this but I’ll leave it open as a discussion! So let’s make a long story short; I decided to cleanse my deck by ordering the cards (major>arcana and then numerically). I realized I lost my Page of Swords and it’s strange because I had a reading on 2/15 where I pulled THAT card. I never leave them out either, I make sure to put them back in their case. Anywho, I think losing the card is more of a sign than actually pulling it in my reading and now I’m wondering if that holds any weight.

My fellow readers!!! I have questions hot off the stove: Has anyone else ever lost a card or multiple cards before? Did this effect you in any way? Did you notice it was missing? Did you ever find your missing card(s)? Did the missing card play out in your life in some way?? Super curious to everyone’s thoughts and ideas! While I wait for my card to make it’s appearance i can hopefully still learn a little too.

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