Money Spread

In the past couple months I had been getting a lot of cards and a lot of readings that have told me I need to get my financial act together. I have been working on that and so I decided to try a more focused money reading.

Deck: Everyday Tarot from Brigit Esselmont

1) Current Financial Situation
Knight Of Pentacles (upright)- I am working to better my situation and I need to get back into the habits that had me in a better financial situation before. I need to focus, be more organized and keep myself on track.

2) Will there be money coming soon?
Devil (upright)- To me this says I won't see more money coming in from another source, but will have more money if I get rid of bad habits and "addictions". That or I'll make money off of other people's vices.

3) Money opportunities to consider
The Lovers (reversed)- I need to weigh any incoming opportunities carefully to be sure they will really be good for me and bring what I think they will. That or I'll be a sugar baby lol.

4) Who/What projects will be financially beneficial?
Ten of Swords (reversed)- I need to rip the band aid off and do what needs to be done. I need to put credit cards on ice, cut back extraneous spending and just be disciplined for a little while. It's going to suck and I'm having a hard time doing it, but it needs to be done.

5) Outcome
Chariot (reversed)- This looks like I'm going to give up. Or maybe start and stop a few times before I get it right.

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