Moon, Devil, Chariot, Tower (and I only drew 6 cards)

I’m having a bit of a silly existential crisis about turning 30 in a couple hours, so I drew some cards.

Past: Page of Rods (reversed) Present: Moon (reversed) Future: The Devil (reversed)

Clarifying cards: Nine of Rods (reversed), The Chariot, The Tower (reversed)

I’m interpreting this as follows.

In the past, I tried a bunch of different things out to try to find my path and purpose, but they didn’t necessarily lead to anything concrete (possibly due to some self-limiting beliefs).

Currently, I’m working on resolving these limiting beliefs and I’m being called to be more in tune with my inner self.

In the future, I will be called to confront my insecurities and shed my limiting beliefs, but the process will probably be uncomfortable.

Nine of rods reversed is saying that I’ll need to draw on my inner strength but it’ll be a struggle. The Chariot is saying that I have the strength and determination to succeed as long as I stay focused. Tower reversed seems to indicate some sort of internal crisis.

Do you think I’m interpreting this right? I’m not an expert by any means.


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